These RFID-enabled locker systems allow you to secure and track your valuable assets, supporting over 10,000 users on a single system. Like our leading key management systems KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch, AssetWatcher tracks who removes and replaces each asset in the system, along with when assets were placed in or taken from a locker. And now, RFID technology also provides data on whether a specific asset is in the system, and if so, which locker it has been placed in.

Flexible, scalable, and highly capable, AssetWatcher has three usage modes available, allowing you to tailor AssetWatcher to your precise needs. With AssetWatcher, we’ve brought our outside the box thinking to asset management—right inside the box.


KeyWatcher Fleet

The industry’s only electronic key control system with software designed from the ground up for fleet management applications, KeyWatcher Fleet helps you optimize vehicle usage, reduce costs, and much more. Get the pulse of your fleet in an instant with a convenient dashboard that displays vehicle use, bookings, status and reporting charts.

Watchmans Smarts™ lets you create your own policies to enable automatic allocation of vehicles for each driver. Configure vehicle pool distribution by lowest mileage, first in/first out, predefined priority, fuel level and more. Built on the robust and proven KeyWatcher Touch hardware, KeyWatcher Fleet uses the same 16, 8, and 6-key modules, allowing you to manage thousandsof keys and users with a single system or network multiple systems off a single server. PIN codes ensure only authorized users gain access, or you can add an optional card or fingerprint reader for even stronger key security.